On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder

On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder

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If you read this blog (hello, my five or ten friends and other people who occasionally google me!), you will see that the spaces between posts have grown and grown over the last few years. This coincides with the birth of my third child and my attempt to finish a masters degree in writing. Oh, […]

A Moment Changes Everything

A Moment Changes Everything

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I had the privilege of being in the Spark Off Rose storytelling show again last month, telling a story on the theme “A Moment Changes Everything.” Spark Off Rose is one of my favorite shows because of the care the producers take in choosing themes and stories and shaping them with writers. The monthly show […]

Speak, MFA

Speak, MFA

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There were so many blog posts* and other bits of writing I half-wrote in my head this year and the year before, as I went running in the morning or drove children to school or doctor or dentist appointments. Sometimes at times like that, my head is blissfully clear, and everything makes so much sense. […]



A few days ago, beloved actor Leonard Nimoy passed away at age 83 after being ill with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The Internet was awash in memories and sadness. I was busy all day but noticed the outpouring on social media. He meant a lot to me, as he did to many science fiction loving […]

More tenderness

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I’ve woefully neglected this blog, and I’m beyond feeling bad about it. There are reasons. Among them: 1) I’m writing other things. Okay, I’m not writing that much, but I’m thinking about writing other things. 2) I’m re-building my reading habit, which suffered grave injuries in college and graduate school (all those gigantic, dry as […]

Feet and the maiden

Some years I am so weighted down and distracted by my workaday life that I have a hard time locating some authentic, profound feelings of gratitude around the holidays. This year, the news helped me locate some of these sentiments. Happy Thanksgiving, readers. As I slipped on my shoes and left the house the other […]

Cute little divining rods

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An interesting thing has been happening to me when I’m out with my baby. This may have happened with my first two children, but honestly, it’s been over a decade, and I don’t remember. (I didn’t remember until today how tedious and Sisyphean quartering and peeling grapes for a baby is.) I’ve been encountering acquaintances […]

Motherhood, Smotherhood: a hilarious book on the sometimes non-hilarious world of parenting

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Motherhood Smotherhood by J.J. Keith My rating: 5 of 5 stars I enjoyed this book immensely and wish it had been around when I had my first child many years ago. It might have saved me from many lost hours I can never get back reading and listening to a lot of judgmental, absolutist BS […]

Supernatural: an intergenerational tale

Recently I found a link to audio from the first storytelling show that I participated in, the Spark Off Rose show from October 2010. The theme was “Supernatural,” and most of us told ghost stories of one kind or another. I read a story from the memoir manuscript I’ve been working on, about the few […]

Annie Hall, 2014

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The other night “Annie Hall” was on cable. I’d forgotten in all the Woody Allen pedophilia and incest allegations in the news in the last year that I really loved some of his early movies, including this one from 1977. I’m pretty sure I saw this movie in the mid-1980s in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I […]